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Dancing in September

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  • Soc Sci 1 Long Test
  • Soc Sci 1 Report
  • Soc Sci 1 maps of the continents
  • Kas 1 Take Home Exam
  • Pan Pil 17 Report
  • Pan Pil 17 Final Group Paper
  • Pan Pil 17 incentive papers
  • Eng 10 Final Paper
I ♥♥♥ my PE!!!

We had our PE finals a while ago, also known as Dancing in September and I don't think I've ever had that much fun dancing. Sure, it was like for an entire three minutes only, but the adrenaline was flowing through me like a rush of blood to my head (♥) that even if I'm so tired physically, I couldn't get myself to calm down, or sleep. I'm still up and my body is aching for sleep.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my evening of dance and whatnot. Props to the beautiful aero-kickboxing class starring front and center, Eena, Lee and Mindy who truly kicked ass! Dana my love, performed twice (I think) and she was so good as usual. Even Tita Gilda danced and it was so fun to watch.

We had our final Pan Pil 17 class today and thanks to my stellar record of perfect attendance (such a loser -- I haven't cut), I get a bonus -.25 which is the HUGEST help ever!!! Now, all I have to do is cram a thousand incentive papers with substance and I might just pass this subject. Whoopee! Still, I think the class was pretty receptive to our discussion. We didn't mess up too much, so that was good.

Final stretch and things are looking a little better. I still have Eng 10, Soc Sci 1, and Pan Pil 17 to deal with, but hey... I'm not going to complaing. Okay, so I might complain just a little bit more, but not too much.

I might actually make it through this sem.
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