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More Tools of Evil
  • Soc Sci 1 Long Test
  • Soc Sci 1 Report
    I can't believe I'm done and I actually feel semi-good about this one. Hope it's actually okay.
  • Soc Sci 1 maps of the continents
  • Kas 1 Take Home Exam
  • Pan Pil 17 Report
  • Pan Pil 17 Final Group Paper
  • Eng 10 Final Paper
    I actually have to rewrite this, which isn't something I'd like to think of as fun. Still, after doing it, I feel as if it's worse than when it started out. Oh no.
In three days, I'll be quasi free. I'm one of the lucky few who have only one (crossing her fingers that she's exempted from Kas 1 that is) final exam to worry about. So after next Wednesday, I'll be totally free. Nevertheless, after this Friday, I'll settle for temporary rest.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do the Pan Pil 17 report, but more importantly, I'm going to be dancing for PE! My favorite subject's final exam is to dance in the concert of all the PE classes. How bad can that be? Sure, I have to make sure I don't flub my steps, but really I'm thrilled. Probably the only subject I look forward to attending (Street Dance) and now I get to dance in front of an audience.

As much as I love dancing, I've only danced for a crowd a couple of times and I've never been this excited to do so. Our dance is actually the plainest one, considering the other classes are doing a Michael Jackson Medley (70's) and Ice Ice Baby (80's), our dance is a test of endurance with all that jumping around. Still, I'm not complaining. I like our dance. I just want to dance.

If only my other finals were this fun.
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