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Nearing the End

First things first, I want to give a huge HUG to Pietro, the most hardworking person I know. You deserve it! Congratulations.

More Tools of Evil
  • Soc Sci 1 Long Test
    Damn! I so flunk this one. I'm so sure. However, I do have something to blame it on. I've been using green highlighter since who knows when and when I was studying for this test, I ran out. So instead I use a pink one. And obviously, nothing entered my head. I blame the green highlighter for this one.
  • Soc Sci 1 Report
  • Soc Sci 1 maps of the continents
  • Kas 1 Take Home Exam
  • Pan Pil 17 Report
  • Pan Pil 17 Final Group Paper
  • Eng 10 Final Paper
So now I'm doing my Soc Sci 1 report and the Pan Pil 17 report. Something I'm also completely clueless about. Everything I'm doing now, I feel like I'm doing it blindly. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Now, I'm not even being so productive. After watching the finale of Rock Star: INXS, I just feel like I've got nothing to look forward to every week. As much of a loser as I sound, I really looked forward to the show. Now, all I have is nine days of pure hard work and anticipation.

So off I am to work on the Pan Pil 17 paper. God I need to rest. and I'm such a whiner too. Oh well.
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