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Strike Out

I love Sergio Cao. The Chancellor of UP Diliman decided to suspend classes this afternoon due to the transport strike. Boo for the transport strike though. I know gas prices are horrendoulsy high, but people do need to get around. Thank goodness I was able to get a ride to school and back.

Spoke to PB/Lexizzle a while ago and it's weird that he's in a different country (with the same time zone). Anyway, I can't wait to start my countdown till the day he arrives back here, but for now my countdown clock is ticking to the submission of my school papers. Rar.

One page left (or at least I hope I've got one page left of this) and I can't seem to write anything anymore. Of course, I can ramble on over here, but that paper is just bugging me. So after this, I am back to slaving away for Eng 10 and before I know it, I'm slaving away for Pan Pil 17. Gotta love school.

I realize reading back on my entries, I surely complain about school a lot. As sickening as it is to reread how annoying I sound complaining that I am indeed getting an education, I just have to say that no matter how much I complain, I actually love my school. I'm glad to be there.

I cannot wait for this semester to end.

three of my favorite people all online at the same time
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