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Who's that Girl?

Ditching my paper for Mindy's debut was the best decision ever! Staring at Microsoft Word was doing my mind no good and my head was just stumped. I was blocked. Instead, dressing up and dolling myself up to attend Mindypie's uber classy debut was great for my spirits.

First off, she looked fantabulous! Amazingly gorgeous (as always), but last night she was more radiant that usual. All the videos made me want to cry, and her messages from her parents and friends. It was probably the most touching debut I had attended and I've been to quite a few.

Of course, the food was amazing! The Schwarzwalder did not disappoint and I could barely breathe in my little dress. The company was the best of course. Seeing Aña, Yvina, Bea and Carla again was like a class reunion of sorts. Catching up on each other's lives and more importantly on other peoples makeovers. Still, the night was definitely about Mindy.

I have to applaud Aña and Lee though for their guts as they performed the Mindy Medley. Only the two of you could ever pull that off. Only true love for Mindy could give anyone enough courage to do what they had so lovingly done. Props to you guys!

Now, I am back to reality. I must finish this paper. The fact that I am even awake before noon is commendable, so I must not waste this time. Damn, how many more pages must I make till the man is satisfied? Hopefully not too many. I am tired.

Oh wait, I've got one more paper (in filipino) and a hundred incentive papers (in filipino still) so that I can pull my grade up. But there's still that report for Soc Sci 1. Joyous.
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