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Stalker Mode : On

After Kas 1, I was walking to the AS lobby, when I saw Atom walking out. On other occasions of my seeing him, I would just drool all over myself, and let him be. But for some reason, I wasn't feeling very drool-ish and instead was in my very lethal stalker vibe.

I pull on Iris, and decide that I would trail him. Yes, very stalker-ish and scary indeed. But I've seen him around a bunch of times, and I never really see what he does (other than talk at rallies in the lobby). Besides, if he went to his car, then I'd see it and be able to stalk him better next time.

Unfortunately for me and Iris, he wasn't headed to the parking lot and instead, was walking purposefully away from AS. I was crossing my fingers that he wouldn't go walk to the Physics building because that would have been miles away, and I was praying he wasn't going to hop on a jeep and head for Katipunan because I couldn't exactly follow him there.

Good for us, he ended up in Vinzon's to hang out in the tambayan (of what org? I still don't know -- the two of us were blind and couldn't get near enough to read the bulletin board. Obviously, since we were already at Vinzons, we couldn't exactly turn back and blow our cover, so we end up at the Addidas sale with no money. Beautiful.

I have to say that seeing Atom (complete with his adorable smile) was just too much for my weak knees. His smile makes my heart melt. I don't care if he's an activist (meaning I can never end up with him) because for now, he fills my freshman fantasies. I've got really good stalker skills by the way. We were on the otehr side of the road from where he was, and our distance was pretty good. The CIA should seriously consider hiring me. That way, I could end up with someone Vaughn-like.

It took me just a few minutes to type all this out. Why can't I be this prolific when it comes to my paper for Eng 10? Seriously. If only she asked us to write a journal, I would churn out pages and pages. But no, I have to write about Kapampangan Literature. Great.

So far, two pages out of ten (minimum). Back to work then.
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