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At the Beginning

Shout out to PB/Lex, who I still can't convince to get an LJ account. He sent me a message a few minutes back asking what kind of a haircut or hairstyle would suit him, considering his hair has gone past the semi-afro stage. I told him to shave it, as I know how strict it is there in Singapore (in his school), but he wanted something else.

I had no idea what to tell him other than a faus hawk. Unfortunately, 159 characters can't exactly explain how you make one (and I don't know how to explain anyway), so that ended our conversation. I hope he finds a suitable/unique hairstyle. How many styles can you do anyway with a semi-bald head? No idea.

So now, I've been seated in front of the computer for 2 hours and Microsoft Words looks like a clean sheet of paper. what the hell am I going to say here? I've read books and books on the subject and I'm still blank.

I do have an opinion about today's episode of Rock Star: INXS. Go Vote for MiG!!! They're only five left and I don't want the Jasmine syndrome to repeat. He can't just get dropped out on his first taste of the initial bottom three. We have to get our phones out and start voting. I know I did. Anger for Unga is rising. It better not reach boiling point or this will be an all out war.

Of to make a 10 page paper in 7 days. Possible? Hopefully.
Tags: college freshman, hair, siblings, tv
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