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Here I Go

Of course this would happen. I didn't exactly do well in my Pan Pil 17 midterms and now I'm reaping the seeds I had sown. It would have been so much easier if I didn't study for this, but I did. In fact, I've been really into the subject, and I'm always reading whatever she assigns. But I guess that wasn't enough.

As I walked to the Shopping Center, stuck in my self absorbed little world, when I see, Christine getting of a jeepney. I was so shocked (and pleased) to see her, I end up watching her eat lunch.

It was nice to talk to Christine. I always felt like I was a member of Pamy's block and they always managed to make me feel right at home with them. We talked about how I hadn't started my Eng 10 paper and how I'm such a grade conscious freak and even if I spent only a few minutes with her, it felt really nice to talk to someone who had "been there" (college-wise).

I'm definitely feeling the freshman feeling. No matter how many sisters you have, or how you feel like you've lived through your sister her entire college life, it's so different when you're actually the one going through it. Now, I have to create a kick-ass final paper for Pan Pil 17 and for Eng 10, or I am screwed.

I saw Atom today though. Well, I actually just passed by him as if my heart wasn't fluttering. He was giving yet another speech in yet another demonstration, and I had to go read for Pan Pil 17, so I had to ignore him. Although that split second that I did see him made my stomach flip! Cute, over-achieving activists always get me going.

I actualy got teary-eyed as I watched Laguna Beach a while ago. It was the episode where Trey left for New York and I totally felt the sadness. It's so awful that they're all separating. It's so funny cause I never paid much attention to Trey before (thanks to Stephen/Steven -- I'm so confused), but now that he's leaving, I was actually choked up. Then again, maybe I was tearing because I wanted to go to New York too! Who knows.

Highlight of the day: screwing up the steps in our extremely tiring dance for PE (me, being in front thanks to my vertically challenged-ness) and Sir Jerome totally not seeing me. At least I don't think he didn't, as I looked at him right after and there was no look of disappointment on his face. Safe!

It's down to the line, I have eight days left. Here I go.
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