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Dawn of the Dead-line

I've got ten days left and I don't know if I'm ever going to finish this paper. I'm really scared and I've only read a few books. I haven't even submitted my outline. Oh no.

I stayed up all night last night so I could finish the book, thinking I would get to read another one today. Instead, I slept the entire day. How responsible. I really hope I finish this paper or I am dead meat. (at least in Eng 10).

Anyway, I get this text message asking me for my yahoo ID and I so don't remember the number. I reply asking who it is and she tells me I saw her in Podium. I haven't been to Podium in forever so I can't exactly remember who it was. And she even remembers that I'm always wearing this belt of mine (which is my favorite). I was getting scared, and a bit pissed cause my battery was low and I was trying to start my paper. Eventually, she gives in and tells me she hates me for not remembering her. It was Inna!!! She was my adviser in Ahead (though she's practically my age).

I was getting scared cause she knew so many things about me. Where I was studying, my favorite freaking belt! Thank goodness she gave in and told me who she was. I was getting creeped.

I went to mass this morning and I hadn't slept yet, so I wasn't exactly in the right frame of my mind. It was a good thing the priest was the funny priest so that kept me awake through the entire mass. I was seriously asking for divine assistance, because nothing short of that will help me get through this paper.

Twelve hours left till i have to go back to school. Beautiful.
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