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I can't count!

seriously, I don't even know how many days there are exactly till school starts. It's such a shame I can't count!!! Does this mean I really need to get back to school? Hopefully not, because I don't want to go back yet. I know it seems like I'm so eager to return since I keep blabbing about it, but I really think that it isn't so. I think I'm quite happy where I am right now. In fact, I'm so happy that I can't see myself otherwise.

I went to Greenbelt last night. My foot was itching too much and I couldn't ignore it. The funny thing is, just when my sister and I got out, it was as if we couldn't wait to get home. I love going out, but it was just so eerily weird for my sister and I to be out by ourselves. Not exactly, since our dad was there -- not with us though -- and he was really the main reason we were going out to begin with.

We ate at Cafe Bola for kicks and the food was actually pretty good. I ordered the chicked bola with rice and the Oriental sauce and I have to say that it was pretty fulfilling. I was stuffed! I hadn't eaten that much in a long time, I guess. Still, it was a pretty good deal. The interiors of the restaurant looked like an old fifties cafeteria and I just felt so weird and out of place. I don't know why, but I did. Was it just me? I guess Greenbelt isn't really my thing.

We had so much time to kill as my dad seemed to be enjoying his friends' company. My sister and I, pernnial home buddies, seriously didn't know what to do with ourselves. So we had dessert despite the fact that we were so full at Cafe Breton. Guess what? We spent barely five minutes inside the place. We chomped up the Fantastic Pinay crepe in a jiffy and got out of there! Seriously... We were such lame-oh's.

Still, there was so much time left and we really didn't know what time my dad had planned on leaving, so we had to do something quick. M1 was already closed and we even tried Power Books Live -- why the "live" part? I do not know. And guess what? There was still nothing to do and so much time in our hands. I couldn't believe it! Had we not gone out for that long?

Though, I have to admit that we had so much fun trying to figure out what to do. There was of course, the favorite of people watching. Although, it was scary walking around the fountain area at night when there are so many foreigner and prostitutes walking hand in hand. I couldn't believe how many girls are so willing to sell themselves for money. Not that I'm being condescending, because they surely have their reasons, but I for one, will not resort to those measures just to earn a living. Honestly, I would beg for money off the streets if I had to, but trafficking myself is NOT something I ever want to do. I know they wouldn't do it either if they had a choice...

Straying from the topic at hand, my sister and I ended up at Seattle's Best scrutinizing some magazines they had for our leisure reading. There happened to be a lot of magazines (local) that I seemed to have never heard of. They were rather entertaining and I had to admit that they definitely sparked an interest, but to read and appreciate, not exactly. Can't really blame them though, we weren't exactly their audience. They seemed to cater to pregnant mothers more, as the reason Sharon Cuneta -- my mom's favorite person -- and her already showing stomach was there gracing the cover for us.

I realize now that as much as I love going out and hanging out, I should do that when I am more familiar with the place and as funny as this sounds, with my family. I would have felt a lot more comfy if they were there I guess. I should give props to my sister though, because she definitely was a blast to be with considering how utterly wasted the place was.

Last but not the least, Yahoo! Games' Wordaholic is a very very very entertaining game. Who would have known that the words tet, tor, and, ret existed? Not me, that's for sure. Then again, who am I to talk? I can't count, remember?
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