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Seven things that scare me:
(1) a tres
(2) hell
(3) death
(4) cats
(5) lightning
(6) rapists
(7) marriage

Seven things I like the most:
(1) my family
(2) my friends
(3) my bed
(4) the tv
(5) the computer
(6) my mp3 player (soon to be IPod, hopefully)
(7) the internet

Seven random facts about me:
(1) I used to write fan fiction
(2) I'm allergic to my own hair
(3) I don't like little girls (save for two)
(4) I like being alone
(5) I'm so grade-conscious
(6) I get starstruck really easily
(7) I wanted to be a Spice Girl

Seven important things in my bedroom:
(1) my bed with the new matress
(2) my oh so ancient radio
(3) my modular desk
(4) the bright desk light
(5) all those YA books
(6) the made-over National Bookstore clock
(7) my co-inhabitant, Paola

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
(1) visit all the continents
(2) marry Prince Harry
(3) go bungee jumping
(4) make a movie
(5) appear in US Weekly, holding hands with Jake
(6) dance as back-up for Justin Timberlake
(7) Find a solutino for World Poverty

Seven things I can do:
(1) crochet scarves
(2) the egg-roll
(3) stay up all night for days on end
(4) stall my work
(5) sleep all day (literally)
(6) commute (jeeps and MRTs)
(7) be serious

Seven things I can't do:
(1) flirt
(2) save money
(3) write papers (especially in filipino)
(4) pout for the camera
(5) sing the national anthem with a straight face
(6) exercise regularly
(7) grow taller

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:
(1) a nice smile (i'm a sucker for those teeth)
(2) sense of humor (genuinely makes me laugh)
(3) can carry an interesting conversation (not about themselves)
(4) simple (can't take drama)
(5) non-cheesy (I can't take lines)
(6) confidence (not conceit)
(7) consistency

Seven things I say the most:
(1) Great
(2) Oh crap
(3) Beautiful
(4) Shut Up
(5) Wonderful
(6) Grrr
(7) Fuck (unfortunately, i'm such a sinner!)

Seven crushes (whether local or foreign or nonexistent):
(1) Marcus Flutie
(2) Atom Araullo
(3) Ryan Gosling
(4) Jake Gyllenhaal
(5) Luke Wilson
(6) Juan Carlo Ferrero
(7) Prince Harry

Seven people who will hate you for tagging them but will do this anyway because they haven't got anything else to do or they're addicted to LJ:
(1) jamypye
(2) veganpunk_
(3) spunky_elfqueen
(4) sassy_semplang
(5) _kendra7
(6) pupols_pet
(7) rowree
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