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Unlucky thirteen. Not that I believe in that much -- superstition and all, but I've got thirteen days left till school and I can't help but wonder if anything out of the ordinary's going to happen today.

Detroit Pistons won meaning they'll be going head to head with my Lakers. That's going to be one hell of a game for sure! I can't wait till finals. They really deserve to be in the championships this year. If only for Malone, they so deserve to be there. That guy has not won a champsionship since he entered! And he's ancient! But for someone who's so old, he's so damn fit! It's annoying to know that he still looks good! Well, he's obviously working for it.

I have to wrap my school books soon. I swear I got a rash when I touched them yesterday. Talk about an allergy. I don't know how I'm going to make it through this school year. I always seem to manage -- thank goodness -- but this year being my last, I just want to slack off a bit. Not study and all that happy stuff. I doubt my conscience will allow that though. I get so guilty when I see my parents working their asses off just to get me there and here I am wasting it.

Damn! I'm such a softie.

Speaking of softies, I shouldn't really feel too bad. My sister, the ultimate softie, has school already on Monday! She had a five day break after her practicum which took up most of her summer, so I don't feel too bad for myself as she is in much more despair.

That got me thinking though, of when I'm finally in college. Pray I get into the course and college of my course, but hey who knows how freaking lucky I can get? I don't ever want to be that unlucky. Unfortunately, that's probably how it's going to be. College is another uncharted territory for me and my sister told me it will be quicker than a blink of an eye before I get there.

I should, according to her, enjoy my last year of high school. Still, I so can't wait to get out of school. Not that I don't enjoy it, but come on, I've been there for almost fourteen years of my life, that's practically my entire life and you can actually get sick of the place. Seriously.

Nevertheless, I'd like to share a bit of what my sister and I do every summer. Click here to find out.
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