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I woke up this morning, feeling great.

My dad wakes me up with the news that there aren't any classes tomorrow. That was enough to make me smile and forget I was sleepy. It made me forget that I also had to finish a book and make a paper out of it (that was due on Monday). This way, I've supposedly got more time to slave away on the paper that is looming over me.

Two of my subjects have final papers to submit and these are the subjects I'm really terrified for. I wish writing a paper was just chicken shit for me, but it isn't. It takes a lot of effort and time and those two things aren't exactly available right now. Eng 10 is due on Sept 14 and that is just so near, it's scary. Pan Pil 17 is due god knows when and that's a group paper. Beautiful.

Time flies so quickly, it's scary. Last night, as we practiced for Iza's cotillion, I just realized that Sept 14 was really near. It was two practices away, and thus the paper's deadline is coming up. Then, the debut itself falls a month from that, and by then, the semester would be over. I'm about to be done with my first semester of college, and I haven't even started working!!!

I honestly feel like such a bum, and although I've said it a million times, I really need something to push me. Maybe, I should post huge number 3 signs in my room to remind me of what I could possibly get if I don't shape up. A tres.

If failure doesn't scare me, I don't know what will.

Low point of the morning was when I checked the weighing scale I had in my bathroom and compared it to the scale in my parents room. Apparently, this stupid contraption has been deceiving me all this time. Sure, it's been alive since before any of my siblings were born -- meaning it's ancient -- but it shouldn't be waaaay inacurate. The discrepancy was just way to large to ignore. It's time to lose real weight.

So, two things to shape up with today: my exercise routine (that doesn't exist) and my studying skills (doesn't exist either). Great.
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