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Newton's the Man

My parents are arriving from Australia tomorrow and I'm really excited. This week was so weird without them. It was just eerie not to have mom in the house all the time and hearing dad's car honking at night. Plus, Pamy has to get picked up by Ate Let because dad isn't here at night. Tomorrow, everything will somehow go back to normal.

I can't believe I'm a paid account either. I'm going on a moodtheme upload rampage. That way, when this thing expires, I can still make use of all those wonderful mood themes! It's becoming an addiction. I've over 40 moods already and I have no signs of stopping. Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if I had a DSL connection (a lot of things wouldn't be so bad with DSL), but thanks to dial-up, I'm stuck here. I love the fact that it's unlimited though. So, I'm not really complaining.

I actually had all of my three classes today. I'm not used to having three subjects anymore. I usually go to school for two only, or even one. But today, we had all three. Although Pan Pil 17 shouldn't really count because our professor wasn't really there. She made us watch a documentary, so technically, she wasn't there.

In Math, the groups discussed Newton and Leibnitz. And apparently, Newton was so fixated on his idea that all things were attracted to other things at all points in its existence. Of course, this also includes people. Newton was a bachelor, so this got me to think. If Newton, a genius and innovator, could survive without someone, despite his own theory, then I can do it too. Heck, I've lived and functioned this long, I can do a few more years -- or many more. Of course, that's unless Prince Harry finally meets me and realizes that I am the future duchess to his duke. ♥

PE was the most fun I had today. The fact that we're dancing is enough of a come-on to get me to class. Of course, due to my wonderfully timed period, it wasn't so fun dancing (especially since my steps include throwing myself on the floor, landing on my ass, and things that included my crotch). Still, it was the high point of my day.

Of course, the weekend will zip by just like that thanks to mountains of work I have neglected and must see to soon, before an avalanche occurs. Wonderful.
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