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Cannot Wait for the Day After Tomorrow

I went to school today to watch a movie.

The original plan was to attend Soc Sci 1 class, but I guess even our professor was just not into things today because he let us go -- with a catch. We had to attend ANY of the ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience). Not bad, huh? After all, there were over a hundred options. Despite the vast amount of choices, I just wanted to go home.

I end up choosing a film showing of The Day After Tomorrow with my beloved Jake Gyllenhaal because writing a reaction paper on that movie shouldn't be too bad. Still, the fact that I had to go home at 4pm and not 1pm irked me a little.

I was hanging out with Mindy and Lee at the AS lobby entrance and once again, we were victimized. First, Mindy got asked to give her opinion/comment for the anniversary show of Y Speak. Now, I've never watched the show (even when Atom was on it), but it would have been really cool if Mindy came out on it. Obviously, the three of us declined. I don't feel very telegenic, and Lee said no too. It was funny because we were all in red and were all minding our own business when a second prowler decided to take us on.

She was from an organization that was very rooted in their religious beliefs. She asks us what relationship we consider the most important. I answer the one with my family. Apparently, Lee and Mindy answered their relationship with God. Thus, we got sucked into a long drawn discussion on the five reasons why God loves us, or something like that.

I salute her for her bravery and her courage and sheer belief. It's just that I don't think I could ever go around asking random people about their beliefs. I tried my best to take it seriously and to really listen to her. After all, God could have been speaking to me through her. I'm proud to say that I did make a commitment to Christ right there in the noisy AS lobby. Who knew I would have an impromptu CL class from a girl whose name I don't quite remember -- but whose actions I won't forget.

I ended up enjoying the ACLE -- shout out to Trixie, Monika, and Glad who made the movie (despite the lack in audio) so much more fun. You really don't need to hear the conversation in that movie, actually. Of course it helped that I had already watched the movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sitsaron and the rambutan they gave us.

Tomorrow, I'll be off to school early again (I'm not used to waking up early anymore.) At least, our Math 1 presentation is over. Math shouldn't be too bad. Just Math though. Eng 10 paper, Pan Pil 17 group report and Soc Sci 1 report are still hanging over my head. Of course, in typical high school fashion, I might actually put it off till the last minute. Not good, but so much more doable.
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