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I Alone

One fun thing about college is the free time. I know I'm supposed to be using it to study, and I am. But I can't be studying all the time. Who does that anyway? Smart people. I, on the other hand, enjoy cable tv very much.

I was able to catch Rock Star: INXS eliminations a few minutes ago, and I couldn't believe that Marty and MiG were in the bottom three at one point in the voting process. I'm glad that Suzie didn't make it this time, but I was so scared. It really sucks that Marty actually got to the bottom three because I really thought he had a great performance.

I was so scared, because when Marty performed his INXS song, "Don't Change," I was really happy with it, but Deanna and Ty were really good too, so it was really up to INXS. Thank god Deanna was the one kicked out. Although I thought Jordis deserved to be in the bottom three. Of course, I'm watching it again tonight. The performances were amazing and I wouldn't mind watching again.

It's weird thought being all alone in the house. I have to admit, I love being the "only child." I wake up to silence and the tv, computer and food is all mine. Still, it feels more familiar when everyone's home. Of course, I'm not complaining. Having the remote all to myself is something I still relish. What I'd do to have a my own tv and computer in my room. Oh wait, where will I put it? My room is already full as it is, so there really isn't any place to stuff any more things.

My parents are still in Australia, and though they'll only be there for a week, this week seems to be crawling by really slowly. Can't wait till they arrive on Saturday. Anyway, I'm off to school for one subject, Soc Sci 1. He better show up or I'll be wasting commuting fare today. Thursday already.
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