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Early on a Thursday Morning

I slept at 3am this morning reading for Kas1.

Okay, so I was watching tv half the time, but at least I got my work done. I started off with One Tree Hill (I still can't see how Lucas and Brooke belong as a couple), then moved on to Rockstar:INXS (go Mig Ayesa -- he gave such a killer performance of "Baby I love your way!") and actually watched both Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Finally, Jay Leno came on and he was being his usual funny self. But Conan O Brien was the highlight of my evening.

He had Eric McCormack and the guy from Supersize Me as his guests. And he had Jason Mraz as his musical guest! Jason Mraz looked so cute, and he even sang. It was a really great show. And he even had Mr. T as his partner for Looking into the future. Mr. T was laughing half the time and it was just so funny. Such a huge guy, and his laugh was so small.

But my favorite line that night came from Mr. T. He said:

Britney Spears will announce she's in labor. Kevin Federline thinking that labor meant work, runs away.

I was laughing so hard, my tummy ached. Anyway, I wish I could pull a Kevin and just bum around the house today. Pio's downstairs, and he seems to be enjoying his first day of a four day weekend. What the hell is up with that?
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