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Hating the Week so far

Tools of Evil
  • Kas 1 Midterms
  • Pan Pil 17 Midterms
  • Eng 10 Play
  • Kas 1 Group Discussion Part 1
  • Math 1 Midterms
  • Kas 1 Group Discussion Part 2
The PanPil 17 test was so bad. It was so bad, I couldn't answer a single essay and I was unsure of all the objective parts. And it's not like I didn't study, because I worked my ass off for that one. I really listen in class and I always review my readings, but I guess I'm just not analytical enough. It really stinks. I felt so bad after the test, I slept when I got home.

I read PB's email about their Asean Dance. Now back in Manila, PB would never attend any of their school things (minus the fair), but he wasn't Mr. Co-Curricular. In fact, he was just indifferent to these things. Now that he's in Singapore, he's a prefect and the head of this Asean Council blah blah blah. After reading his email, I felt so jealous of him. I know he must study real hard all the time there, but he also gets to do so much.

He even hosted their dance (which yes, included girls) and he seemed so happy. I am happy for him (at least he gets a break from his schoolwork), but with all the crap I've been going through for school, I wish I had something like that to cheer me up a bit. I feel so horrible (academics stink).

Surprisingly though, PE really makes things a lot better. We're already learning the choreography of our dance, and I get really excited to learn new steps. It's really difficult, and sometimes, I don't even get it, but I feel a rush when I'm dancing. And when our prof tells us to "pump it up," even if I'm gasping for breath and need a bit of water, I actually want to give more to the dance.

I've never been part of a dance group or anything before, but if this is what they do all the time, then I'm in. Because so far this week, Tuesday at 2pm was my favorite hour.
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