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July : You on My Mind (Swing Out Sister)

Friends say I'll get over you soon
Thoughts of you come back to fill me with gloom

Time forgets but I'm not over you yet
There's no sense of asking why
Until the tears run dry

There's no one but you on my mind
Searching for a perfect ending that we'll never find

If we could make it work this time

Years have flown by since you've been gone
This broken heart of mine's been waiting too long
All alone without you I can't carry on
There's no sense of asking why
Until I'm there by your side

We could plant tomorrows dreams now together
In a garden to last forever more
All the flowers would grow
From the seeds we'd sow...

I could be there by your side
If you would only change your mind
If we could make it work this time

I used to hear this at my grand aunt's house in the early nineties. And it was such a fun song, like the Bananarama ones. Then I forgot all about it, till I heard The Company do their own rendition, and I liked the song all over again. It did stand competition thanks the Josh Kelley's tribute to Queen, but Swing Out Sister prevailed in the end. Here's to the nineties.
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