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Burn Out

I love Thursday only because Friday comes next. And honestly, despite the not so hectic week, I think I really need this break. I've somehow exhausted myself doing nothing.

I taped last night's CSI finale and watched it just a while ago. And I've liked Nick Stokes ever since I started watching CSI, so this episode was so much fun! No, it isn't fun that he gets buried underneath a lot of crap, but I think that he's pretty lucky his man, Grissom (genius!) is on his side. I absolutely loved how everyone got together to work on getting him out of there.

I remember two summers ago, when we'd go over to Niko's place and we'd have marathons of CSI projected onto a white wall, a la movie house. Those endless hours laying around in his studio, eating chocolates and Lays and drinking Coke that seemed to flow on forever. Now that I'm in college, my summer break will be so short (thanks to summer class and NSTP) that I don't think I'll find the time to go and do those things.

Anyway, I'm glad the week is closing. I'm just so exhausted -- and college just started.
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