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Comparative Analysis of Enrollment Systems of School A and School B

Considering I've already enrolled most of my siblings during their hiatus to the states. I can say that I am capable of giving my own opinion on the enrollment process in both said schools. I will not name either school though to avoid havoc and misunderstanding. Though I have to complain about the one at my own school.

I thought it would be easy considering it has been a breeze every year and this year should be my last year. Low and behold though, it was a torture! more next time...

School A
School B
I give them an A+ The administration building is very conducive to enrollment. It was airconditioned and it smelled nice. There were comfortable seats. Not that I bothered to look at them, but there were also old yearbooks that one could browse through just in case you were bored. But how the crap could you be bored while you filled out forms for your pesky brothers who don't even study? but that's not the point.It was hot. I'm not bashing them or anything, but in comparison to school A, I just give them a B. I'm nice. I didn't really perspire much, but too much sunlight in my face when I'm half asleep and dragging my ass just to enroll my precious little sister isn't my idea of a fun morning.
What lines? I don't know if I was just plain early or all the parents were late, but I had a breeze. It was so calm and cool and collected that I was able to notice that the guy next to me happened to be my classmates long time boyfriend. I don't think he recognized me, but then again, who would? I looked haggard and ugly and all that jazz. I give them though an outstanding A+.The lines were actually pretty good. Again, it does pay to be early. I had an easy time lining up. The problem was, I didn't know where to line up and don't say I'm some dumbass because the signs were a bit contradicting. There were two WINDOW 1's so how would I know? Still, objectively speaking the lines were bearable so I give them a B+.
I can't believe I'm giving them another A+. I paid for everything in one bam! That easy. To think I was enrolling TWO brothers. Thanks to my mom too for crafting such checks, otherwise I wouldn't know how the crap I'm supposed to pay for them. Let's not even talk about how much they really cost.I had a little trouble here. Is it too bad my mom just gave me jabongous bills for the school supplies etc? They kept asking for smaller bills which I obviously could not supply, so that didn't do well with me so much. I had to ask Ate Let to lend me some money, and don't take me wrong, I have nothing against borrowing money -- which I pay back, but they should know that they'll be giving a lot of change, so they should be prepared. I give them a B.
Again, what forms? I didn't fill out a single thing! That was great! I couldn't believe they didn't have any forms. I was just elated. The night before, I was trying to cram all the information I could about where my dad worked and what his office number was and all that extra crap that I didn't want to know, but surprise surprise! NO FORMS!!! I only give them an A though because they gave me the wrong tuition form for my brother. I don't hold it against them though, they nicely replaced it no questions asked -- with a matching apology.This part really sucks! I give them a C+. Is it just me or have I filled up enough bio datas for my little sister that she can go apply for a job and a visa abroad now? There were so many papers that asked for the dumbest questions like where my dad had his elementary and what years he was there and how many extra curricular activities my mother attended when she was in college, and... catch my drift? Not exactly beneficial to me.
Once again, school A has surprised me. I really had this stupid thought floating through my head that I would have such a traumatic experience enrolling them that I dreaded it so much, but low and behold it was as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Two sets of books coming right up! Easy as pie. That was priceless. Seriously. Another A+ for School A.I'm not that dumb. I can read signs. I just coudln't find the LITTLE girl who was giving out the forms for books. There was no sign, just a tiny tot there looking all innocent and bored with her life. How was I supposed to know that she was responsible for giving out precious forms that would help me claim the books? Still, I'm a compassionate human being, so I give them a B.
This is a jabongous part of the entire enrollment experience and I have to say that their staff was freaking corteous. They were so nice and understanding of clueless 'ol me. They were smiling and apologetic and just so nice they belonged in the movie, "Pleasantville." They were chipper and perky, but not annoying. Accomodating, but not intruding. Dammit! I give them a standing ovation with a matching A+. Bravo!I don't really blame them. They weren't ventilated properly. How can you expect them to slave away in the sweltering heat and still smile? Still, they almost gave me a heart attack with the tuition fees when it ended up being nothing really. So, I'm not exactly very happy with them. Still, as I said, I'm not mean. I give them a B.
How can you not rate them? I know they're not a very objective basis, but they make everything else seem unimportant. These are the people who pay to send their kids to these institutions and they hold the moolah. The parents were quiet and didn't say much except for the occasional two moms who happened to cross paths once more after years of PTA's together. They were friendly and I wasn't afraid to approach them for questions about the inane things they make you do at enrollment. I give them an A.I think I'll give them an A too. They were nice and they stuck to their own business. No one was too boisterous or too prying and no one cut the lines so I have no complains. Except for the mom who gave me a mini-cardiac arrest, again with the tuition fees. I don't want the minority to make up for the majority.
School A was just stellar. A+ for them! I can't believe I'm giving them such great grades. Oh well, I'm being objective here. They really gave me, a first time "parent" a walk in the park. If I were asked to enroll them again next year, I wouldn't think twice -- with the right bribery of course.School B was okay. So I give them a B. That's an okay grade for an okay experience. I really got confused and disoriented at times, but hey, my sister's enrolled now, so I didn't mess it up that badly. Although next year, I wouldn't mind if my mom did it herself.
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