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More Fireworks than the 4th of July

Waking up this morning, I never would have expected so many things to happen to me. So many atom-related things that is. I actually saw him more than once today. And these weren't just your usual he-passes-by-me-without-even-looking-twice category. These are juicier, more eventful encounters. I'm beyond thrilled right now, but here's a little peek into the highlights day.

  • 10:45 am AS Lobby Entrance
    I usually go to the Main Library at this time to study for Pan Pil 17, because her readings just confuse me. But out of my normal routine, I suddenly decide to hang out with
    Gela at the said venue. I'm seated there, going through my readings, when I feel a nudge on my leg. I give Gela an annoyed look. It was extremely hot today, and I was trying to concentrate. I look up, almost like a reflex, and see Atom walking into AS, confidently striding. I was caught off guard. Sure, he didn't exactly look my way, but these times that I see him, I get all giddy already. I was tempted to follow him into AS, but I still had some sense in me to finish studying. I thought that was the only time I'd see him, until...

  • 12:00 noon AS Lobby
    My Pan Pil 17 professor decides not to show up today, and boy was I glad. Sure, I wasted thirty minutes or so in the fourth floor, but that's what's school's all about anyway, right? Lee-Ann texts me that she's in the lobby and so is Atom. This would have been my lucky day, right? Not quite. I get downstairs and he has somehow vanished. Not to worry though, it's not like my world was going to end (yet). We go and grab a bite and stroll around AS. When we get back inside the lobby, there's a demonstration going on. And well, guess who was being interviewed at the side? Right. Atom was being interviewed, so Lee-Ann,
    Mindy and I actually sit down to listen.

    Okay, so I wasn't really listening. But how could I? He was a few meters away looking all serious and sexy, as he answered those questions I couldn't hear. He had this determined look on his face that just made me want to go up to him and take him away from there. It was so hot in the lobby, he was obviously sweating. I would have gladly volunteered my hankie to wipe his sweat off, but Mindy had a better idea. "You could just lick it off."

    MINDY! What an inspired plan. I was starting to doubt her support for my current fixation on Atom. Had she too, been drawn to his magnetic personality? Or was the lack of oxygen disturbing the flow of blood in her body. This was bad. The heat was really affecting us. Even one of our most rational friends had been victimized by the raging heat. Now that I think about it, Atom's presence could have escalated the already burning furnace that we all know as the AS lobby.

    As I was distracted by Atom's lips mysteriously moving, forming words I could not comprehend (as Lee tried her best to decipher his phrases with her lip-reading skills), a girl from Sigao sits next to us and asks us to join the rally to Mendiola. Wow. We really looked like we were about to drop everything and commune with the masses against the injustice the government has forced upon us. But before this turns into a political piece (which I personally am no good at), I couldn't exactly pay any attention to her as she enumerated GMA's seven sins against the UP system, because Atom had taken the microphone. It was his turn to speak.

    Again, my attention was divided. The girl was trying her best to convince us to join, and I was multi-tasking as I tried to make the girl feel that I was listening and interested in what she was saying, while trying to look at Atom and appreciate the over all view. Alas, I am not very good at dividing myself and doing too many things, and the girl probably took a hint, because she let us be.

    Unfortunately, I still have a conscience, and Lee and Mindy still had class. Thus, I sadly had to leave Atom behind, but not without getting a last peek. After swinging by the ladies room, I tried getting as near as I could to him, just to see how short I was. As I stood near him, gaging how tall he really was, he suddenly turned around, walked past me, at the same time, brushed my shoulder!

    I. Could. Have. Died.

    This was already the highlight of my day. After years of thinking he was a really cute, all-around guy; months of pondering whether I would ever get into UP, just so I could be in the presence of such intellectuals; weeks of seeing Atom around campus; and days of conjuring up a thousand different torture sequences for the-girl-that-shall-remain-nameless-but-thinks-she-would-do-great-as-the-next-president-due-to-some-delusional-texters-on-a-certain-morning-show, I actually was in physical contact with him. The gods were smiling at me at that very moment. Across the lobby, Lee and Mindy were probably as elated as I was. This was already the pinnacle of my stay at UP. Or at least until...

  • 1:30 pm still at the AS lobby
    With no Lee-Ann and Mindy with me, I decided to stick around and watch the rest of the demonstration. UP Rep was having their skit, and I obviously couldn't see due to my vertically challenged issues, and the thick crowd that had formed at the lobby. I however, being the master of making singit, managed to get through the side and right smack in front, just behind... Atom. This time though, I have to say that I was thoroughly entertained by the act that I didn't even bother to ogle at his well-sculpted back. Okay, so I stole a few glimpses -- he was right in front of me, after all -- but all in all I was finally paying attention.

    Unfortunately, that was the end of the demonstration, and the crowd was thinning out. The only people left were the ones who were going to participate in the snake rally and I definitely wasn't part of that. Luckily, from across the lobby, I saw Astrud, my PE classmate, and I finally had someone to drag along with me. I also had to confess my current fixation on Atom to her, lest she wonder why I was sticking around the lobby so often.

    Thank goodness, Astrud was understanding and even bolder than I am. As Atom picked up this heavy looking box (with no effort at all), that apparently contained Hello Garci CDs that they would be giving away, I was pondering whether it was time I went up to him (to ask for a cd, of course). My rumination didn't last very long, because I found myself arm-in-arm with Astrud, approaching Atom.

    I came to my senses and realized I didn't exactly have anything to say to him (that I'd have enough guts to utter without having to pull myself out of UP due to sheer humiliation). I didn't have to take any more steps forward though, because before I knew it, Atom was right in my face. Yes, I could have grabbed him and given him a kiss, or who knows what else. We were that close to each other. And in a split second, he hands me a CD, and says, "Sali kayo sa snake rally."

a lame re-enactment of the moment of contact with Atom.
I looked like trash complete with the sweaty shirt and the oily face,
and the glasses slipping on my nose. Unfortunately.

    At that moment, I would have done absolutely anything he asked of me, but I was too stunned to even remember what I had said. He. Spoke. To. Me. This was the culmination of all those fantasies. Yes, not exactly the ideal first words spoken to each other. But I wasn't one to complain. Before I knew it, Astrud and I were actually a part of the rally. Luckily, my stealth skills came in handy. As they rounded the corner, we made a dash for the nearest exit. I wasn't in the mood to be marked absent. I like him, but not that much.
Still, the mere fact that he spoke to me (for pure activist-linked reasons), is enough to make me happy. I'm still shallow, but this is definitely a high point of my freshman year. Hopefully, there are more of these to come. I'll try to look my best at all times though. Just in case.

NOTE: due to my overly ecstatic self, i just want to thank:
  • Gela: for kicking me on the shin this morning
  • Mindy and Lee: for lending me the camera phone (mindy) and taking the picture for me (lee).
  • Astrud: for trudging around the snake rally and pushing me towards the right direction
  • the working girl: for taking part in my idiotic rituals like staging photoshoots in the house
  • my mom:for agreeing to pose for the picture. Your arms are just as nice as Atom's
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