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The Breakfast Club

I've been watching Breakfast quite a lot now (I wonder why), and I have to conclude that the only host who can actually host is Patty Laurel. Yup, I have no bias for say, Atom, because in all honesty, I can only stand the show for that same reason: Atom and Patty. that sounds nice, right?

I unfortunately change the channel whenever it's someone else on the screen, and that constitutes for about 3/5 of the time. Thank goodness there are other morning shows like The Today Show on ETC, because I can't stand to torture myself with the others.

This morning, they had a Theater-themed show, wherein they featured all these plays, musicals and even ballets. It was a pretty wide showcase of a lot of different plays, but of course, I wasn't really paying attention much. However, when it came the text-in portion, which I normally don't tune into, I actually stuck around.

It just so happened that today's questions asked who the viewers would like to be president in the event that GMA stepped down. So they all had their little cue cards and were reading out the viewer's responses. Surprisingly, a bunch of them wanted Patricia Evangelista to replace GMA. WHAT?!? I know that they were probably just avid fans of the show, and the girl, but I just couldn't picture it.

More than this, at the end of the show, they started telling her she needed to pick a first gentleman! What?!? They all looked towards my Atom and it finally hit me that they were teasing them together. Oh lord.

I read in an interview in Super that Atom didn't want to be the president of the Philippines. Well, according to Patricia Evangelista he wouldn't have to be. He'd just be her first gentleman.

I need to barf

Off to school. I got to listen to some forum on the GMA scandal yet again. Since I've gotten into UP, I've heard so many of these. I hope today's speakers give me some new insights though. I feel I can give my own forum, thanks to all this brand new knowledge. Yeah right.
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