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A Few Good Men

Despite the scarcity of male species in UP, the ones I've met and befriended, are pretty damn decent. In fact, I feel so protected around them. Sure, they're not your drop dead gorgeous, male model look alikes, but I guess it doesn't really matter right, because these guys are the real deal.

Just for the record, I am so not interested in them, in a more than platonic way. I'm just finally glad to have decent, real guy friends. These guys don't want anything from me, except my friendship. And they're so very protective too.

I would never had guessed that a guy would wait for me after class (due to our classrooms being next to each other), much more bring me all the way to the gym, because he happened to have a car that day. I don't know if this is just so normal for others, but for me, it's utterly sweet, and I totally appreciate it. I didn't ask for him to wait for me, he was just being nice to me.

And during the concert, I felt so safe. Gela, Klar and I were getting freaked by the outsiders that were causing trouble outside, but thanks to our gallant knight, who calmed our fears and masterfully escorted us out of the rumble, I felt totally safe.

It's just so refreshing to meet genuinely nice guys. For a change, I'm not pissed off whenever I'm around them, and I'm not always aggravated by their every action. In fact, I feel really appreciated. So to the two of you who made me feel really great this week, thanks a lot. Hopefully, your chivalry is infectious and our friendships last.
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