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100 years of life

This week, so many people turned 18 and I just want to wish all a happy birthday, and also to apologize for not making it to their respective bashes. However, I have an excuse, and this time, it's very valid.

This week, someone turned 100. I'm not joking. My dad's great aunt, therefore my great grand aunt, turned 100 years old. I don't know about anyone, but I find that amazing. She was alive for all the wars and she's been alive for an entire century!!! That's just crazy. I find it tiring going day to day for 18 years and she's lived to a hundred.

Of course, my reason for not going to any parties this weekend is valid for this reason: I had to go all the way to Pampanga to celebrate it. Never having gone to my dad's hometown, this was a first for me. And apparently, there happen to be a lot of my family members milling around this place. So plenty there's a street named after us.

I found that really cool. How shallow, but yes, when you are whisked away to a "foreign" land on a weekend of parties you wished you could attend, you tend to make yourself happy with just about anything.

I was looking forward to seeing Lola Madre blow out 100 candles, but they came up with those number candles and saved her a lot of air. Still, considering she's already a hundred, she surely didn't look it. I've seen seventy year old people look frailer than her.

me and lola Madre

i want 100 candles

Still, she is a Carmelite Nun and she must have eaten healthy and devoted her life to Christ, so I'm not really wondering. However, asking her how she stays so alive until now, she says she eats lots of chocolates and drinks a lot of Coca Cola. Sweet! If only I were as healthy as she was.

Next time you're in Baguio, go swing by the Carmelite convent if you want to see a hundred year old. I can't wait till her 200th birthday... that should be something.
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