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Really Want this to End

It's been one week since I lost my wallet on the UP Campus - Philcoa jeep and I have to say it all seems so long ago.

I'm definitely in college. Despite the fact that I have class only four times a week, and it's not like I'm in school the entire day, I find myself exhausted all the time. I try using my breaks really wisely. I hang out in the library far too many times that the guard even said, "Guwapo ah" referring to my ID picture. How comforting. That gives my block another male member.

My Math teacher didn't show up, but someone took attendance, so it wasn't like I could have ditched it. We got dismissed way too early though. That was a good thing, as I was able to listen to my boys the Spurs win Game Seven on the radio. I tried reading for Pan Pil 17 and I actually was starting to absorb things when my teacher decides not to quiz us on who the nuns are in Kampaneran Kuba like she did the week before. Damn, now that I started torturing myself with absurd television shows.

Basically, instead of waking up before seven, I could have gone to school for my two o' clock class of PE 2 : Street Dance. I like dancing. I just get really frustrated when I can't do what the professor asks of me. Like not moving my shoulders, as the movements should come from within. Sweet. Walking back and forth in the dance studio trying to mimick the teacher's steps (and our teacher is so damn good at dancing!) is no easy feat.

But the work isn't over. Now, I have to make my first research paper proposal for English 10 and it has to be about the Philippines. Any freaking thing about it. I'm not exactly miss decisive, but I'm going to have to make it in four hours, or I will officially be dead.
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