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virtual insanity

Excuse the former entry. I was obviously delusional. That's what too much orange juice does to you. It messes with your brain and apparently, it also makes you fantasize a lot.

Apparently, Prince Harry has a thing for Avril Lavigne. Very different indeed from what his brother had chosen years back, Britney. My cousin likes Avril too so I understand why Harry is smitten by her. She also happens to belong to Teen People's 25 Hottest Stars Under 25.

I checked out the list and it was pretty cool. I wouldn't know if they're indeed the hottest, but I definitely agreed with some of them. Chad Michael Murray was in it and I most definitely agree. The Olsen Twins -- not really. And the list goes on. Still, it's a good way of wasting time when you're obviously fighting the sleepiness in you and you try your best to stay awake.

Why do I even bother? I have thirteen days left till school starts and I'm staying up? I'm supposed to be filling up my sleep bank and instead I stay up. That's what you call sheer stupidity. This is what unlimited internet does to you.

Very very bad.
Tags: more family, prince harry, vacation
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