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Summer Lovin # 09

In a few days, I'll be a college student. In fact, the college I'm going to is coed, and is no longer an all-girls thing. Unfortunately, according to Pamy, my course is experiencing a shortage of guys. Still, summer loving was never this good.

  • Zach Huber
    Leaving New York for the quiet life in Michigan was probably the last thing I wanted to do. Thankfully, Zach was there to change my mind. My first day in Michigan was hella great thanks to him. I went to watch Mikey's soccer game and he was a fellow spectator. Standing tall with the cool wind blowing against his blue jacket, I could have fainted there. But I didn't. I needed to keep my cool. Apparently, this varisty tennis player was Mikey's friend's brother. Yes, it's practically a Friendster connection, but it was still there. I don't know what the hell I said when I was introduced to him, but it must have been really stupid because I felt the blood rush to my face when he said nice to meet you. If only I lived there, we'd be neighbors. But so is life.

  • Coach Todd
    Soccer games are a lot of fun, especially if even the coach is scorhing. Yes, he was pretty old -- old enough toh ave a daughter on the team (hey the team was made up of toddlers!). But he still looked good, at his age. And he was really great with the kids. He wasn't one of those mean coaches that only cares about winning. He was there to make sure the kids were having fun and that they just lived it up. He was firm with them, but wouldn't shout when they kicked the ball towards the wrong goal. And of course, it didn't hurt that he was really nice to us -- even inviting us to the team outing at Captain Sundae's and was really interested when he asked us about ourselves. If only he weren't married and had kids (and lived in Michigan!).

  • Kim Hyun Gon
    Do I have the best of luck or what? On our way home to Manila, I was seated in the middle seat while Pamy was at the window. I like being seated near the window. But this one time, I was in the middle, and luckily my seatmate wasn't a grandmother (like Pamy's seatmate the first time around). He was a young looking guy. Young, but not younger than me. Unfortunately, he was Korean and he didn't really know much English. Still, he knew enough. Sure, our only form of conversation was sorry, thank you or okay, but at least he smiled at me more than once.

    How did I know that was his name? Well, not that I'm snooping, but he was right next to me and he had to fill out his arrival card for Korea. In fact, his ballpen didn't have any ink, so I lent him mine. He said thanks and pulled out his passport. How could I not see his name? And his birthday? Apparently, he's only two years older than me. Still, despite the lack of conversation, my elbow and his elbow AND my knee and his knee were touching each other the entire time, and neither of us complained (or at least I don't think so). Unfortunately, we had to bid each other farewell as he entered immigrations in Korea and I went to the transfer section. It was a good 13 hours though.

goodbye summer
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