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One Enchanting Evening

When they say New York, a few things stand out in your head like, the Empire State Building, or watching a Broadway show. To think when we were there, we almost didn't do either. Thank goodness we did, because it was certainly an experience.

We'd been in New York for quite some time and we just hadn't gotten around to going to the Empire State Building. It's not like it's out of the way, because it's smack in the middle of the city, but I guess we were sidetracked by a lot of things. Excuses like it would be filled with people and the lines would be so long, kept us from going there. We finally made it and surprisingly, there weren't any lines. In fact, we breezed through the entire thing. We were shocked though by the ticket price.

Usually, they give half price to students and we were ready to present our IDs, but apparently, they don't. They only give you a discount if you're a kid (below 18 years old -- great), if you're a senior citizen (above 60 years old -- even better), or if you're in the military (not even). We started having second thoughts. Were we really willing to pay __ amount of money? Being the cheapskates that we are, we almost turned back. We're the most frugal misers on earth, so this was a big deal.

Finally, we decided to go with it. I blame it on the we're-only-going-to-be-here-once-so-we-might-as-well-do-this-before-we-regret-it feeling. We paid the price and decided we'd splurge on something. Then the wait began. The elevator went to the eightieth floor. Yes 80. It would skip 10 floors and my ears were popping the entire time. Finally, we reached the eightieth floor and we had to line up at some room where they had the picture taking crap with the Empire State Building tarpoline. This of course, wasn't free either. This entire money making scheme was part of their ploy to sucker you into spending more. Then, this table of people would talk and talk about how this was your last chance to once again BUY or rather rent the audio guide. Because according to them, nobody's up there and no one's going to tell you what building was what.

This was probably the stupidest thing I heard. They'll really resort to anything just to make a sale. We finally get the to second elevator and wow! The view from the top is just breathtaking. Seriously. It's not for people who are afraid of heights, because when you look down, you might as well just puke. It's so up high that the taxis look like yellow ants.

Of course, we went on a rampage with the photos. We were going to make sure our stay at the top of the highest building in New York was going to stay documented. It's pretty chilly up there, so our smiles are kind of strained, and the sun was always in your eyes. But with our trusty map, we didn't need the audio guide to tell us what we were seeing, we had walked enough of the city to know which was what.

vacuming the house inside the public library
vacuming the house
inside the public library
obviously not studying
empire state building pamy and me overlooking the city
empire state building
pamy and me overlooking the city

We weren't going to watch a Broadway show because when we checked online, tickets were just so freaking expensive! I'm not even exaggerating here. I'm talking about tickets that are ranged in the hundreds. Yes, I'm sure these shows are top notch and pretty worthy, but it's kind of indulgent to spend so much on a show. Still, thanks to Tita Annie, we were able to score a great discount and we decided on watching a standard, Beauty and the Beast.

Seated front row mezzanine is not a bad place to be. We were so lucky that our seats had absolutely no one in front of us, and the stage is right at our eyes. No craning of necks to look up, it was just there. I've watched very few plays in my lifetime, but I was just speechless when it started. First off, I know a lot of the songs because I watched the movie so many times, so it was nice to see how it went in the play. The effects were great, the actors were brilliant and the entire thing was just so magnificent.

I was really at a loss for words, because the play was just so wonderful. The choreography and costume were perfect and I was just astounded by the scale of it all. I couldn't get my eyes off the stage (which is a first for me, as I am easily distracted) and I didn't want it to end. All the characters were so lovable, even Gaston. In one word, I was really enchanted.

After Beauty and the Beast outside Broadway
After Beauty and the Beast
outside Broadway
Times Square by night Pamy with the lights
Times Square by night
Pamy with the lights

That's why New York is known for these two. Seeing both is something I'll definitely remember.
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