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I love soccer boys

We finally made it to Michigan and boy was it a whole world of a difference from New York. It was sad leaving the Big Apple, but it was actually even more relaxing there. Our flight was at six in the morning though, so we had to be awake at 3am. Of course, knowing the two of us, we just chose not to sleep. It was definitely the easier thing to do.

Our connecting flight to Grand Rapids was just forty-five minutes after we landed at Detroit. We had to run from concourse to concourse and these airports are HUGE! There was a tunnel we had to pass and it changed colors and has music when you pass it. I'm so shallow, but it was really cool to watch.

JFK Airport The Terminal
JFK Airport
The Terminal
Connecting Flights Chicago's freaky tunnel
Connecting Flights
Chicago's freaky tunnel

Right when we get to Grand Rapids, Tita Ruby is there with more stories than anyone we'd ever talked to in New York -- and we were only talking for about an hour. We barely got through the door and we're already being whisked of to Mikey's soccer game. This game, can't really be considered a game, because 7-year old kids apparently, aren't very sure of where their goal is exactly. It was certainly entertaining to watch little kids run after a ball and then stop and look at each other when the ball was right in front of them.

We accompanied the team to Captain Sundae after the game and their icecream was pretty good. It was creamy, and custard based. Wow! President Bush passed by there and ordered Tommy Turtle (I didn't) when he came around Holland. I wasn't only enjoying my icecream, the sights were definitely just as good.

Spiderwoman little bike
little bike
cutie Mikey my boyfriend, Captain Sundae
cutie Mikey
my boyfriend, Captain Sundae
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