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Fond Farewell

On our last official day in New York, we finally did the tourist thing of walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Actually, we cheated. We only walked a fourth of it. That bridge is long and it was so hot that day! We weren't going to torture ourselves. That's why we walked up to the part where we could have our pictures taken to prove that we were there, and yet not far enough to exhaust ourselves.

Smart huh?

Brooklyn Bridge Pamy at the Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Pamy at the Park
Outside Paul Frank in Soho Laundry Service
Outside Paul Frank in Soho
Laundry Service
washing machine Dirty Laundry
washing machine
Dirty Laundry

We had to laundry that evening, and it was pretty cool because Tita Annie lives in such a posh building they have their own laundry in the basement. I've watched so many movies that have laundromats in them, and I couldn't wait to try it out. 40 Days and 40 Nights was replaying in my head of course. The scene where Josh Hartnett gets amused by Shanynn Sossamon's dancing in the laundromat. I was of course wishing I'd meet a Josh Hartnett-type. Unfortunately, I was stuck with an all-girl cast. Oh well, I still lived out my silly laundry dream. It's not much fun either.
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