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Rego Baby

Our dad lived in New York when he was a kid, and since we planned this trip, he had been bugging us to go back to his childhood home and take pictures. Unfortunately, he didn't exactly remember the exact address. It was a very vague description and the rest was up to us.

We had lunch that morning in Chinatown care of Tita Annie. The food was soooo good. Considering it's exteremely high rating by Zagat, it better had been good. The food just kept pouring in, that I seriously didn't know how I was going to walk the rest of the day. It's a good thing that I had a bit of self control left because without it, I wouldn't have managed to get out of my seat. The food was that good.

great lunch taho in the rain
great lunch
taho in the rain

After lunch, Pamy and I started our long awaited trip to Rego Park, Queens. The subway ride was probably the longest I had ever experienced. And since it was a weekend, some of the trains were re-routed. It's a good thing we had our trusty map with us.

Rego Baby We Found It!!!
Rego Baby
We Found It!!!

We get down at the stop that we thought was it and apparently, it was wrong. We had to get down at the stop before it. We learned it the hard way though. We walked all the way to Alderton and then all the way to the wrong side of it. So we had to walk the other way, backtracking and then finally making it to the corner of Woodhaven Boulevard. I could barely walk and my tummy was aching, but finally we made it. Not quite the address that was given to us, but we saw the school and the house. All I had heard from my dad was talk about it and then we were there.

Let Us in Knock Knock
Let Us in
Knock Knock
Dad's old house Right over there
Dad's old house
Right over there

After our Rego Park trip, we rushed back to Carnegie Hall just in case someone let go of their precious Brad Mehldau tickets. Pamy being a die hard fan, was just praying. When we got there, I couldn't believe it, but there was actually a line of people who were waiting for cancellations.

One Night With Brad Scooooooooore!!!
One Night With Brad

The fact that the concert was sold out was already beyond me, but apparently, this guys is the real deal. Luckily, an hour later, this guy walks in and sells Pam his ticket. Fourth row tickets just a few minutes before the show starts -- how lucky are we?!?
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