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What is up with me?

Your Magic Abilities by Stathgar
What is the magic word?
Telepathy: 40%
Premonition: 74%
Clairvoyance: 67%
ESP: 11%
Psychic Ability: 21%
Psychotic Ability: 27%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


I am awake before noon. This is a feat. I'm watching game one too of the Lakers, Minnesota games and I have to say, Lakers had better win this one. They have to make it to the championships and when they finally get there, it wouldn't hurt to beat the crap out of the east coast.

I am about to embark on a wallpaper spree as I had watched Troy a bunch of days ago and ERIC BANA rocks my boat! He was just so nice and hot. Hector is the HOTTIE with HEART. That is so freaking rare. Achilles is HOTTIE who was always HUBAD (nekkid) and Paris is the HOTTIE who didn't use his HEAD -- when I say head I refer to the one above the neck as he seemed to use the other one quite a lot.

Nevertheless, I'm going to find the perfect one. There must be one out there after all. How can there not be?

I've got a week or so before school begins. The exact number, I don't want to count as I'm afraid I will sob out of frustration. Use the remaining days to the fullest. Dayum! Time to get out of here.
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