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Give Me Liberty

We are probably the laziest girls in New York. We live so near the ferry and yet we delay everything. Finally we got off our asses and headed to the ferry that would lead us to Elis Island. Unfortunately, the lines were long. REALLY long. And I guess because I wasn't in the best of moods, I wasn't game for waiting.

Usually, I would just make fun of people in the line, but today, I was just pissed off. It didn't help that this HUGE group of British teenagers kept cutting the line. I was really going to give them a piece of my mind, but I guess I knew my limits. My poor sister had to put up with my awful mood swings.

We finally made it to the ferry and it was just so freaking cold! My hands were shaking as we took pictures. We thought the ferry was just going to go around the island and go back. Apparently, it dropped us off and was going to pick us up thirty minutes later. We went around the island which is a really tiny island. So tiny, you can walk from on end to another in a minute or two.

In contrast, the statue is so HUGE!!! I wonder how they even got around to putting it on the stand on an island in the middle of all that water. It's just beyond me.

Statue of Liberty with Lady Liberty herself
Statue of Liberty
with Lady Liberty herself
Battery Park city so far away Long way round
Battery Park city so far away
Long way round
ray of light tree hugger part 2
ray of light
tree hugger part 2

Then, the ferry picked us up and brought us to the real Elis Island. Obviously being lazy, we didn't even go down. The island just looked so boring. There was this building that looked very un-interesting. So we stayed on the ferry and waited for it to go back to Battery Park.

River terrace wheeeeee
River terrace
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