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30 Days

Yup, that's about how much is left of my supposed summer break and I'm so freaking scared! I don't want to go back to school to become a senior. Sure, the thought of it makes me smile. I actually survived so many years of my school and now we rule it, but I've also got one last year to prove something and that really terrifies me. Everyone seems to have accomplished so much already and I have done nothing.

Nothing at all. One of my friends is the president of the student council, the other one is a high ranking officer, the other has gone to Spain and learned something while the other one's doing a summer job. What the crap have I done? It makes me feel like such a loser. Honestly.

My sister tells me that I need a better self esteem. Others might think I'm the last person who needs an image boost, but really I'm a sad sad person. I haven't got a single good thing going for me. I feel so unaccomplished.

The worst part is, I've got thirty days left of sheer careferee living. I just love reveling in the boredom of it all. Not worrying for any stupid IW cards or group works. Just waking up everyday to nothing. I love nothing.

Still, going back to the loser side of things. I saw another friend who has advanced summer college stuff at Ateneo and she looked really happy. This girl is some over achiever and still so freaking humble. To be able to accomplish even just a fourth of what she's done would be fine for me, especially since I've done nothing.

I should seriously do something great with my life before it dwindles down. Because so far, I've done zilch.
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