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Bye Bye Brooklyn

Today we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and not because it's a tourist-y thing to do. We moved residences from 14 4th Place to 22 River Terrace. It was sad leaving everything so familiar behind, but we're definitely not complaining.

Our new home in Manhattan (this time around) is so ritzy, it's located right smack in front of the beautiful Hudson River and comes complete with a Pinoy doorman, named Cesar. It's a good thing Tita Annie's place is accessible because I don't think I could stand to carry the black pasalubong bag for long. It's getting heavier instead of lighter. Not a very good sign.

We then headed to the Pier because we're so near it, just like we're near Wall Street and all those other places in downtown Manhattan. It was so cold though I could feel it down in my bones. Brr...

With Tita Annie Windblown effect
With Tita Annie
Windblown effect

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