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Summer Lovin # 08

On our last week in New York, I have to say I was focusing more on the television than anything else. How can I not? With over 450+ channels, you'll just never get bored. And I was definitely entertained with all that I saw.

  • Patrick Dempsey
    Still on the list this week, thanks to a brand spanking new episode of Grey's Anatomy. This guy just doesn't let up. The episode wasn't focused much on him and Miranda (the lucky girl), but it didn't matter, because every time he'd appear on screen, I would swoon. Seeing him in scrubs and that bandana he wears when he operates makes me want to hang out the hospital a lot more. Of course, this only adds fuel to my delusion of becoming a doctor. Only of course, if Patrick Dempsey were my professor.

  • James Denton
    Right before Grey's Anatomy, is my other favorite show, Desperate Housewives. And how can I not include James Denton in this list? As the mysterious, hot plumber who is rich enough to own a house on Wysteria Lane, James adds just enough spice to the show. Always wearing rumpled fitting gray shirts and jeans that really accentuate his positives, he is a high point in a show filled with average husbands. The scruff adds just enough ruggedness and the fact that he is so damn nice doesn't hurt one bit. I think I hear the faucet dripping, maybe he could be of use.

  • Mr. American Eagle
    The only real guy on the list this week, Mr. American Eagle was some guy who happened to work at the jeans section of AE in SoHo. I was lurking around his area and since everyone over here is so accomodating, he offered his services. "Can I help you?" Such a simple phrase, and yet I was at a loss for words. Could he help me gather my thoughts and say something decent as to not look like a total imbecil? Not really. So I just smiled and shook my head and I think that meant I didn't need his help, so he had to walk away.

    I tried taking his picture though, but the zoom would only go so far, and the security at the door thought I was taking pictures of the merchandise, and told me to stop. How embarrassing. All is well though. We went back a few days later and bought some stuff anyway, so I felt less ashamed of myself. Lucky for me, security was different too. Tough luck though, Mr. American Eagle was no longer there.

one week left...
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