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Lazy Weekend

We spent most of the weekend at home. Saturday was mostly raining so there wasn't much to do. But of course, since I am me, I had to do something. I went with Tito Eduardo to some of the antique stores along Atlantic Avenue. We were picked up by Joe and Anna and their dog, Jake. It was a really cold day and it was so windy, our umbrellas would sometimes get blown in hte other direction.

Sunday was the street fair and that was fun. Court Street was lined with so many booths that it was difficult not to spend. Mr. Chips surfaced again that weekend and that was the high point of my day. We had mass in the morning at the nearby church and it was really cold walking that morning, but we're getting used to the weather. At least, I am. Pamy's still wearing her thermals.

my new long hair at the foot of the steps
my new long hair
at the foot of the steps

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