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Summer Lovin # 06

When they say East Coast Cool, they mean it. There are so many hot guys over here, that every day, as I step out of the gate to take the F Train to get into The City -- better known as Manhattan -- I would have passed at least a bunch of hot guys. And these, aren't your average joes, these guys look good.

Unfortunately, seeing guys on the subway, or in the city, or in the street, means that I can't exactly go online and download pictures of them to stare at. And the probability of seeing them more than once, is next to nil. So what do I do? It's time to become part of the paparazzi. And I'm pretty good at it too. Other than my flight attendant uh-oh experience, everything has been smooth sailing.

Still, I had to limit it to three, so here goes my top three.

  • Mr. Omelette
    How can I forget him? We were on a flight together and on the same row, except that the only times I'd see him were when he came over to offer me food or drinks? And this guys, is a flirt! While we waited for our plane to board, he was really hamming it up with all the other stewardesses. But if you're drawn to the Oriental thing, then Mr. Omelette is for you. As he bent down to offer me Omelette or Fruit, I almost died. And as we left him at the door of the plane (he gave us some sort of goodbye gesture in Korean), I really wanted to get back in the plane just to talk to him a bit. Obviously, I didn't. But that plane ride from Manila to Seoul wouldn't have been complete without my Mr. Omelette.

  • Teriyaki Boy
    Apparently, everything in New York is expensive. Everything. And they add tax to everything too. This is why we eat cheap. And on our first day here, we landed at the Teriyaki Boy branch along Gramercy (where Julia Roberts lives). And inside this Japanese restaurant is an all-Latino crew including the scorching dude at the counter. As I contemplated on whether I was going to get the California maki or the other one, his chocolate brown eyes and tan complexion was distracting me from making a decision. Our spot in the restaurant was prime too, as it had a clear view of the counter. Anytime anyone's craving for some sushi, head over to the Teriyaki Boy in Gramercy and you'll have an eyeful and your stomach will be full too.

  • Mr. Chips
    The only guy I saw more than once -- and hopefully more. Staying in Brooklyn means having to ride the F Train to get into the city. I don't mind the subway at all, because it's really very convenient. One day, on the way home, Tito Eduardo and I spot at hottie near the door. And this guy, is so fine, even the other passengers are looking at him. One girl, even dares to offer him chips (thus the nickname). He takes one graciously, and seeing this as a window of opportunity, Ms Agressive tries desperately to spark a conversation. I guess Mr. Chips got a little freaked and moved to the other side of the subway car.

    I thought that was the last time I'd see him, but apparently, he got off at the Carroll St station too!!! He lives near us! This was wonderful. During the street fair yesterday, I caught him walking around in shorts and a hoodie, drinking some sort of juice, and I had to take my picture. Like an amateur paparazzi, I took a shot. I must say, he looked like a cross between Joseph Fienes and Andy Roddick. Now, everytime I get out of the house, I make sure I have a smile on my face, because I'll never know if Mr. Chips comes walking by. And like any other person here, I might even greet him with a, "How are you doing?"

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