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An open letter to Mr. Constantine Maroulis:

Just so you knew, Constantine, I fully planned on updating my journal just so that I could pay tribute to this great loss that has occurred on American Idol. Unfortunately, as America so stupidly voted for Scott Savol over you, Pamy and I were over the Pacific Ocean and were stuck with such movies as, Spanglish (which I had slept through) and Lemony Snickett's a Series of Unfortunate Events (which was really really nice). And when we landed at the JFK Airport Terminal 1, and were preparing ourselves for the horror that we thought Immigrations might give us, we weren't really in a state of ease.

As we snaked through the long lines that would eventually lead us to the nicest ever Immigrations officer, who even managed to joke me on my "seriousness," we caught a brief glimpse of the words that changed our lives.

Constantine Out

This couldn't be. Our jaws dropped, and as I looked around me, foreigners remained in their state of anticipation, the Korean lady that cut the line was still being obnoxious, the hot European father and son were still talking in hushed tones. No one seemed to care.

But we cared. I didn't know what to do with myself and I know that Pamy didn't either. And yet, we could not show our grief, as we were still unsure of the fate of our long planned vacation.

So instead of being able to dwell on your loss, and our plan to eliminate Mr. Savol, we had to concentrate on remembering what we had to do at Immigrations.

Therefore, let this be my tribute, to you, Mr. Maroulis. You were really our favorite Idol. The smoldering looks you gave the camera always gave me the creeps, but my sister enjoyed it thoroughly. I honestly thought you were going to win. And trust me, you are one of the talented ones left. Cough **SCOTT** Cough.

On behalf of all the residents of 4th Place, Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, New York (where we are currently staying and where you are from), we knew you were the best. You will definitely go places.

speaking of going places, why don't you come and drop by your hometown while we're here. We're very accomodating.
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