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Omelette or Fruit?

Wow... We're on our way to New York and we've stopped over at the most beautiful and luxurious aiport ever. The Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea and it is just so pretty. More on that later though...

The flight over was just four hours short, but it was most definitely worth every minute. Asides from having the oh so very pretty stewardesses, there also happened to be a hot looking steward. I thought he wasn't so good looking, but his back definitely had potential. Yet, compared to the rest of the male crew, he was definitely the alpha male. The prime. He was the cutest one for sure.

I took a picture of his back, but thanks to my great packing skills, the USB plug is on its way to New York while I am still here. However, pictures to come for sure.

Anyway, we were lucky enough to have this hottie steward as not only the dude who greeted us as we entered, but as the attendant assigned to our column, row... whatever!

We had already planned this picture taking. I positioned the camera near my leg as to avoid obviousness, and I had turned off the flash. Unfortunately, it took him forever to get to our row, so to conserve battery, I turned it off. Finally he came over and out of sheer panic, I took his pic and the flash went off. In. His. Face.

I turned red, but tried hiding this obvious paparazzi mode by saying, "oh my gosh... it's open?" Trying to fake it. He smiled though and said "uh oh."

Uh oh?

Uh oh as in, you guys are dead, cameras aren't allowed on the plane? I know they are, but hey... who knows? Uh oh as in, I caught you guys trying to take my picture? Or uh oh as in looks like you accidentally pressed your camera and it happened to take a picture?

Hopefully it's the last, because I was just so embarrassed.

In other news, I met Teacher Queenie Luzentales in the airport on the way to Korea. Apparently, she too, is going to New York. And we're on the same flight. How coincidental is that? Pretty weird, but it's nice to know we have an adult with us.

Anyway, there's much to look at here at Incheon. It's so beautiful, they could have shot the movie The Terminal here.

Oh well... so many cute guys... only four hours left!

In line at the Korean Airlines ticket counter Waiting for Mr. Omelette to pass by us
In line at the Korean Airlines ticket counter
Waiting for Mr. Omelette to pass by us
sleeping daw presenting Incheon Airport
sleeping daw
presenting Incheon Airport
loving the digital camera Mr Hyundai hearts me
loving the digital camera
Mr Hyundai hearts me
eating with our lola inside the loo
eating with our lola
inside the loo

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