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Summer Lovin # 05

Older men are just so much hotter. This week, it's all about guys who my dad will drop dead with if I brought them home. Not only because they're guys from Hollywood (as if), but because they could be as old him. Here's to guys who are old enough to become my dad.

  • Sean Penn
    If you still haven't waetched The Interpreter, then you better go do it! It is such a sweet movie disguised underneath a political thriller. Sean Penn was just amazingly hot there as this extermely sweet and strong federal agent. If only I could put myself into some political danger so that he'd be the agent assigned to me. I was dying the entire movie especially when he busts into a room and starts shooting the bad dude while calling out to Nicole Kidman. It was so un-romantic, but the way he bravely ran through the rain and across the street and climbed up flights of stairs and as he panted and pulled out his gun, I wanted to faint. It's such a shame they never kissed or anything remotely physical because I was waiting for Sean Penn to tear his shirt off. Of course, CIA agents wear the mandatory coat and tie and he definitely did it justice. Though I would have preferred him without his clothes, the suit was so fabulous on him, even as he ran through the rain. He was so extremely hot in the movie that I'm going to buy myself a DVD copy just so I can watch him over and over again.

  • Kevin Bacon
    Watching Mystic River and his suprise for his fan on Oprah and understand me. I was seven years old when I first watched Apollo 13 and I already thought he was hot! I looked at my first diary to verify this and I already understood what hot meant. But Mystic River made him even hotter. His character was a police officer investigating the case of his friend's daughter's murder and the way he questions the potential killers shows so much confidence and power, and just plain police bossiness that I wanted to throw him into the next room and rip his shirt off. Though I'm not complaining because he pulled off the cop look with the coat and tie. I actually liked him without the coat, because apparently, this dude has a really nice torso. His shirt clung onto his body in all the rigth places. What a great sight.

  • Robbie Williams
    I watched his concert of Live at the Royal Albert Hall and he was singing the standards. I already have the mp3s of all the songs on his album, Swing When You're Winning, but it was so much better seeing him live. He was so cute!!! He had the entire suit thing going on and he's really good at his renditions of Sinatra and the others. Of course, when he took his coat off, exposing (not skin) a crisp white polo, I swooned. Some guys just look real good in suits and he is one of them.

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