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Interpreting "The Interpreter"

Now I know why Madonna married him. After watching Sean Penn in The Interpreter, I wouldn't mind marrying him either. Last night, I almost changed my mind about watching the movie, opting for a comedy with my little sister, but something came over me when I was deciding on how many tickets to buy and I finally landed on this extremely romantic movie.

Yes, it's a political thriller and a very good one at that, but for some reason, every single scene Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn were in together, I was squirming in my seat. Squirming and suppressing my shrieks. Of course, if it was Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, I could outright yell and profess my love for Diego Luna because I know that everyone else in the cinema was there for the same reason I was. But last night, I knew it was different. Majority of the audience wasn't there to view the serious good looks of Sean Penn, they were there for the great cinematography or even Nicole. So I had to content myself with soft giggles and slipping in my seat.

It didn't help of course that I was with TWO of the MOST unreceptive movie people ever. I was with my dad, who was really just watching the film; and Pietro, my brother who doesn't for the love of me bother to listen to me when I tell him every five seconds how freaking HOT Sean Penn is. Neither of them gave a crap either when I would die from kilig and squeeze their arms. They probably just thought I was being weird, but believe me, I could have died in that cinema.

The movie was spectacular. I love political thrillers, I really do. In fact, I've watched so many with my dad. But this movie, was more than that. It was better because it had a romantic angle to it. And romance just makes everything so much better. No, if you still don't realize it, this is not your average movie review, because I am the most biased person on earth and I'm not one to critique. I appreciate movies.

Still, the movie was great for a number of reasons. First off, (other than having two absolutely talented and good looking actors in it -- more on them later) it was set in New York City. I'm just dead excited to be there and my countdown is finally down to single numbers. The sights and sounds always are a treat. More specifically, it's in the United Nations and like every other review has said, it's the first film that has used the UN as main set. The place looks fabulous. I know most of the scenes shot are in places that tourists aren't allowed in, but believe me, I'll be taking pictures pictures pictures in spots I can get myself into. Hopefully the garden where Sean Penn's character, Tobin Keller read a letter from Nicole Kidman's character, Silvia Broome's dead friend is open to public, because I am so sitting on that bench.

Of course with Sydney Pollack (he made such cinematic gems like Sabrina, and Out of Africa) directing it, how can he not help but make this a romace. This movie had some pretty cheesey lines too. Of course, since the script was so well written, it was disguised and sandwiched in between the more serious lines. But due to my trained ear, I was able to distinguish such lines and I was probably the only one in my entire row that was dying of giddiness every other scene.

Lastly, I have to be honest, I'm sure I would still have watched the movie if there was another actor as the star, but I know I wouldn't have loved it as much. Sean Penn is one of the higher points of this movie. After watching him in I am Sam, then moving on to Mystic River -- all care of HBO -- this movie is a break from him being a retard and a mourning father who ends up killing the wrong dude who also happens to be his friend. Basically, this movie shows him a great light and makes you want him to be happy. I don't want to give away too much about the movie, but all I have to say is, for any normal breathing girl who's seen Sean Penn as other characters, I'm still convinced that he was a total hearthrob/babe in this movie.

In other words, get off your chair and grab a ticket! Because this is literally the hottest ticket this weekend!

**EDIT: due to insistent demand of the other Sean Penn Lover in my family, I shall post a picture to prove just how un-political thriller and more on romantic movie this film really is.

Here are the white sneakers he's wearing and for some strange reason, even that made me swoon.
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