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The Pope should start praying for this...

I had to retype this entry from scratch because it got deleted when I was done typing it. Am I angry? nah. This is nothing. But if Scott doesn't get kicked out this week though, I'm going to raise hell.

taken from burns_away's entry in american_idol

She pretty much sums up what everyone's been feeling. In fact, not only America will be saying this in unison, because I've been waiting to say this for a long time.

Can he sing: No Doubt about it
Can he entertain a crowd: Not even

Scott just bores the crap out of me. Pamy taped Idol for me (minus the advertisements at that!) as I was stuck doing Daddy's layout for his yearbook page, and even if everything was there on tape ready for me, I just couldn't bring myself to watching Scott's performance. I like the song, it just wasn't good for him. Not that anything is.

Okay, I'm being mean. It's just his time to leave. And I'm being objective here. Everyone else's performance was just waaaaaaay better than his. And I mean lightyears here. Someone's got to go and Scott's got to be it. If he lasts one more week than anybody else on the Top 7, I'm seriously going to throw a fit.

People have been predicting him getting kicked out ever since the beginning and he somehow dodges them. We're doing the wrong approach here. Therefore, I shall make a bold prediction for today's kick out. Since the Scott Card isn't working, I'm going to say that Carrie "Miss Perfect" Underwood will get the boot. Who knows I might get it right.
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