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Habemus Papam

I woke up on a Wednesday morning.

That's just unbelievable. For some reason, with no one waking up me up, I stood up and went down to eat breakfast at 7:30 am. Miracle indeed. I don't usually wake up till after noon.

Another miracle that happened was the fact that a new pope was elected and it was that fast. I was thinking it would drag on till forever, but it didn't. In fact, two days was all it took. Pope Benedict XVI or the Cardinal formely known as Joseph Ratzinger is the new pontiff and the most powerful man in Catholicism. Maybe I'm just really used to Pope John Paul II, but at this moment, I'm still not feeling the new pope too much. I guess I'm going to have to get used to it.

Also because I woke up early enough, I was able to go all the way to Shangri-La to help Tita Lilet buy something to wear for Pepper's wedding. I can't believe she's married. My second cousin is actually married and she's not exactly that old. She's not young either, but I guess it's just weird, cause now it's my generation getting hitched. I can't wait to see the pictures though because Pepper was always the pretty one. She must look more than radiant as the bride.

Paola came along to Shang and it was fun because she's so game for anything. She's never been on the MRT, so it was really an experience for her. She was just so excited and it was nice to know that she was still a kid that wasn't so difficult to please. Because of the success of our little adventure to Shang, we have decided to reschedule our LRT trip to nowhere for this Saturday. We're just going to buy a ticket and ride the train back and forth. Then for the best part, we stop at one of the stations that sell shawarmas, because ever since we spotted a stand, we've been craving for those hard to find snacks. I can't wait till Saturday.

And on the American Idol front, I don't care how "upbeat" Scott was, he better leave because I'm not letting Anthony or Vonzell go. Americans, go and vote!
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