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Phantom with Flying Daggers!

I've been watching DVDs for the past few days. I guess that's what summer is all about. Every afternoon, I'll ask my siblings what the DVD is for the day. Yesterday, it was Phantom of the Opera and today it was House of Flying Daggers. Our collection is very diverse. We're eight in the family and everyone gets a chance of picking out what they want, so there's bound to be a wide range of choices.

In Phantom, I have to say, that I really pitied the Phantom (played by Gerard Butler) because he was really a good guy trapped in a bad image. Yeah, he got a little crazy at times, with his mad love for Christine (played by waif thin Emmy Rosum who looks absolutely fab in everything she wears).

Of course, pretty boy Raoul (played by Asthon Kutcher look alike Patrick Wilson) has to butt in. It's a sad story that was brought to life by the extravagant, beautiful and ornate sets and I thought it was a really good movie. Everyone could sing really well that I couldn't help but swoon at times. I especially loved the rendition of All I ask of You (that's the name right?) on the rooftop complete with the snow falling. It was so... cinematic.

I don't know how well the movie fared (in terms of box office returns), but I have to say that it was a really beautiful movie. Sad, but nice to look at.

Today, we got forced by Pamy to watch House of Flying Daggers. Though I must say, she didn't have to force me after showing me the DVD case. It stars the scorching Takeshi Kaneshiro. This Japanese dude, who I know absolutely nothing about, was so cute in this movie. The lucky Zhang Ziyi was again the lead girl. This girl is so lucky! She gets paired up with all these hotties.

It so doesn't hurt that he's so very skilled with his sword. The setting, back in the day, made it impossible for him to show some skin (his costume kept him covered up). That's why I couldn't wait for him to take it all off! Sure, they did it on a field (how un-romantic), but it was all worth it.

Tonight, we're watching Closer. Who needs to get out of the house, when so many hotties are inside with me? It's farewell for now... I'm off to my fantasy world!
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