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Summer Lovin # 03

This week, there are some changes.

  • Ethan Hawke
    After watching Great Expectations, it's very difficult not to like him. Everyone who hasn't watched th movie, should go grab a copy now, fake or original, because this is so worth it. Every move Ethan makes is worth watching. He just looks fabulous in every scene. When he was poor, he was hot. When he got rich, he was still hot. This is a scorching film with a blazing Ethan Hawke in it.

  • Josh Duhamel
    Las Vegas is a kick ass show. I love casinos and anything that involves them. I'm no gambler, but casinos usually comes with hotels and everything looks so plush and nice in them. Of course, it never hurt that Josh Duhamel was the star of the show. He is so fine! Molly Sims is so lucky! She gets to make out with him on the show every other minute. If I were to work at a casino, I would work with the security at the Montecito because boy, I would love to be under him. I'm so bad

  • Brother Donato
    Yes, I only caught a glimpse of him on CNN, and that lasted about five minutes. However, his impact on me may last a week. If only I get a picture of him. This monk's sojourn into Rome really touched me. He was the hottest monk among his friends and he was so patient and enthusiastic. Brother Donato is a Franciscan monk who I wouldn't mind praying with or for. In fact, why go to New York, when there's that little monastery outside Rome that needs some loving?

I missed the screening of Alex and Emma this week so out of sight, out of mind. Who knows, Luke Wilson could pop back next week. We'll see...
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