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My Man of the Cloth

I actually woke up today. I woke up before noon and that is a miracle. I had to troop over to my former school to get a transcript. Apparently, I need one to enroll into UP. So there I go. I do some chores for mom like paying bills for the internet, which I abuse, so I don't mind really.

I get home and it's lunch time! This really surprises me, because I'm not usually awake yet and I've already gone all the way to EDSA and back. So there's my mom, glued to CNN (the entire Pope watch), and we see this little piece on these five Franciscan monks who are always cloistered up on a monastery in a hill. They finally decide to venture out into the world to see the Pope's last moments.

I was about to change the channel when a bright spot goes on. They show Brother Donato, a 23 year old monk who looks freaking hot!!! Brother Donato, along with his four other Franciscan friends trooped all the way to Rome to glimpse the Pope.

Now, I really salute them for their willingness and patience to do this. They finally get there and the line is so long, it takes them 18 hours to get in. And still, Brother Donato is patient, and enthusiastic and still scorching.

This isn't the first time I've set my eyes on a man of the cloth. There just seems to be a lot of good looking priests/monks out there. If only they weren't taken already.

Thinking about it, Brother Donato is like my ideal guy. He's patient, he looks good, he's got fear for the Lord, and all that jazz. The only problem is... he's untouchable. Just like the cute seminarian that goes to mass in our village. How many cute non-priests actually go to mass everyday? Not many.

Why is that the guys who are going to be so good for girls out there, can't even be with girls? Therefore, I propose something. I suggest that all guys who want to be boyfriends, go to like a quasi-seminary type of training. That way, they become good men with good morals. Of course, they don't go through the vow of chastity blah blah, but at least, they become Christ-like or something.

Yeah, it sounds crazy, and probably is a bad idea, but maybe if people (guys) were more holy minus the priest title, I think girls would feel more appreciated. That's all.

Okay, this is what happens when you watch too much CNN and see too many priests (some of them who look good too). I'm turning the television off now.
Tags: guilty crushes, religion, tv
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