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Eight Still Standing

What is wrong with America?

Yes, they can be very greedy, and they can decide to wage war against other countries for no reason at all. In fact, they also hog a lot of the world's resources, and they claim to be super powers in everything. For a country so rich in material wealth, and so much "brains," why can't they seem to judge rightly.

I'm talking about American Idol. Why in the world didn't Scott Savol get the boot? He was the obvious choice. How did Vonzell and my poor poor, but ultra talented Nikko get into the bottom three to begin with. I was willing to let Nikko and Anthony to be in the bottom three with Scott, but why did Nikko have to be kicked out?

Scott was the deserving one. He just has no stage presence. I'm so freaking bored when he performs. I don't care what the judges say. They already have their favorites and are so biased. No matter how much Nikko and Anthony improve, they just don't see it. Simon's head is too stuck up his ass because all he can say is how wonderfully fantabulous Carrie was this week.

Yes, Carrie is really good, but they shouldn't let the others down because they're also very good and should get some credit. I can't believe voters actually listen to what the judges say. Yeah, I listen to them, but I also form my own opinions.

They better start voting wisely, because at the rate their going, who knows, Scott might even beat Carrie to the finals.

I'm so going to vote when I get my hands on a cingular mobile phone. They just wait. I'm going to vote so many times, Mario Vasquez will be forced to come back. I wish.
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