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Some sisters bond over shopping, others go to the spa. Some, probably work out together. Pamy and I, we go to the UP Infirmary. Not exactly your average sisterly bonding, but I really appreciated her coming with me and all.

Thank goodness we bumped into Lee-Ann because if we didn't, I would have had to go back in 2 days to pick up my X-Ray, which by the way, took like two seconds to do. The technician, asks me to take my bra off and put my shirt back on. Then, I had to press my chest against this cool surface, with my hands on my hips and before I knew it, it was over.

The physical was a lot more... personal. The female doctor, asks me to loosen my bra, and my pants. Whoopee! Then I lay down on this table and wait for her to decide my fate. Apparently, I'm a really healthy girl. The only problem with me is that my eyes are deteriorating slowly. Unlike OTHERS, I don't cheat in eye exams. I don't memorize the rows of letters so that I can churn it out upon request. So there, I no longer have perfect vision like I used to brag.

Then, we head over to the ComCen to supposedly activate our webmail, but thanks to many different people who let us go around the building and back, we were in vain. Still, thanks to everyone over there who told us to be patient and not too eager to pre-enlist.

And what an exercise that was. Walking all the way from the Infirmary to Ylanan exit wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It saved us P12.00 too.

Can't wait to be a Maroon!
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